URSA • Unmanned • Robotic • Systems • Analysis | We focus on UAV cybersecurity, forensics, and data analysis.
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URSA will tell you why an unknown drone was looking at you

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), aka drones, continue to gain popularity with commercial and hobby operators domestically. Unfortunately, ISIS and other non-state actors are finding consumer UAVs to be extremely effective on the battlefield, malicious actors are using them domestically for surveillance and payload delivery, and civilians use them while violating long standing laws such as voyeurism and disturbing the peace.


We are the experts in forensic UAV data investigation

Law enforcement and prosecutors require accurate forensic data analysis in order to win cases. We have the experience and tools necessary to advise all aspects of the UAV side of the case, develop sound evidence from UAV data, and testify in court if necessary.

We can assist the intelligence community with accurate information for striking back, either immediately or through a deep understanding of the entire threat actor’s UAV program, which we can help build.

Insurance firms want to pay out, or not pay out, on claims based on facts rather than people’s impressions.


Ready to get started and discover what makes us different?

URSA provides the most accurate understanding of data and metadata to support academic, law enforcement, insurance, and intelligence investigations in the rapidly evolving unmanned vehicle and robotics ecosystem.

With URSA we apply subject matter experts, meticulous research, and machine learning to ensure high value and deep insights.

URSA assists in the investigation of potential threats, accidents, crimes, and possible terrorist activity.